To be a runner on the road is above all to run for victory, the only one that counts: the victory over oneself!

The Running route is intended for runners who participate in road races, from 10 km to marathon (42 km) in a goal of individual and / or collective performance and surpassing oneself. To combine performance and respect for your body, you follow specific and structured training plans. This alternates long outings, specific pace workouts and split sessions.

Long outings allow you to develop your fundamental endurance, ie your physical and psychological ability to run long distances. These outputs are 80% of your FCM (maximum heart rate) which corresponds to 85% of your VMA (Maximum Anaerobic Speed).

The race-specific sessions allow you to become familiar with the pace you'll need to hold on the day of the race. So you integrate the sensations of the race to come and get used to your body and your mind to exploit your full potential on D-Day. As for the famous session in fractional, it aims to increase your speed in the race, your ability to run faster on the target distance.

You still doubt to belong to the community of road runners? go one last clue: the road racer is looking for all the tips that can make it more powerful, and constantly wonders: how to choose the right equipment? how to train better? how to eat in training? How to eat before and during the competition?

If you also ask yourself all these questions, as we are a road runner !!