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  • Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m
  • Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m
  • Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m
Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m

Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m

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  • Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m
  • Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m
  • Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m
Cross Training Battle Rope 12 m

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Are you looking for an ultra resistant battle rope for your cross training sessions? Now you've found it!

This rope (7.5 kg) helps you improve your overall physical condition: power and cardiovascular endurance.The ends are made of rubber for a better grip.

Adapter ring: 100.0% Polyester



Offers a complete workout.
Combine strength training, corework and cardio!


The braiding makes it extra durable (weight: 7.5 kg)

Ergonomic grip

The ends of the ropes are fixed thanks to a rubber sheath


Dimensions and weight of the battle rope

- Length: 12 m
- Diameter: 36 mm
- Weight: 7.5 kg

Why use a battle rope?

The battle rope allows you to use all the muscles in your body, and is an important accessory in cross training. Bend your legs and use your arms to undulate the 7.5 kg rope. You also need to mobilise the core (the abs) to protect your back. It's a comprehensive exercise!
The braiding is ultra-resistant to last over time, and the rubber grips are pleasant to hold.

How to install and use a battle rope

The battle rope can be installed around a pole, a cross-training cage or a street workout structure.
- Pass the rope around the structure
- Make sure you have at least 6 metres of clearance
- Check that the structure is at the centre of the rope
- Wave the rope

Avoid using a rough or sharp surface (e.g. a tree) as this could damage the rope.

Store the rope in a dry, temperate place (avoid leaving it in the boot of your car).

Other cross training accessories you can use as well as a rope

The battle is one of the elements needed for a complete cross-training session. You can add to your equipment with a jump box (ref.: 8767622), kettlebells (ref.: 8354814, 8354815, 8354816, 8354818, 8354819), etc.

Our trainer gives you advice on how to use the cross training rope

To get the most out of your rope, include it in your cross-training circuit, with a duration of use adapted to your level.
- Beginner: 20 seconds of effort / 40 seconds of recovery
- Intermediate: 30 seconds of effort / 30 seconds of recovery
- Advanced: 40 seconds of effort / 20 seconds of recovery

Combine the use of the battle rope with other exercises using accessories (jump box, kettlebells, etc.).