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Padded Mountain-Biking Shorts - Black

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This durable mountain-biking jersey is designed for rides lasting up to 90 minutes in warm weather. It has two pockets, including one zipped pocket.

In these comfortable, snag-resistant cycling shorts you can ride through the undergrowth with no worries this summer. Not only do they absorb vibrations, they prevent rubbing and chafing too.

Main fabric: 12.0% Elastane, 88.0% Polyester; Yoke: 100.0% Polyester; Inner fabric: 100.0% Polyester; Padding - Inner fabric: 6.0% Elastane, 23.0% Polyamide, 60.0% Polyurethane, 11.0% Polyester; Padding - Outer fabric: 20.0% Elastane, 80.0% Polyamide; Lining: 28.89% Polyurethane, 71.11% Polyester


Abrasion resistance

Experience a brush with nature! The fabric withstands rubbing and snagging.

Sitting comfort

Ride comfortably for up to 4 hours with the ergonomic foam pad.

Freedom of movement

Special cut and elasticated fabric for riding comfortably.


With undershorts that effectively wick away perspiration.


Take everything you need in the 5 handy pockets.


Feel supported with the stretchy undershorts


Keep your gloves to hand!

When mountain biking, gloves are often the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. These shorts have a buckle on the waist so you can keep hold of your gloves without having to rummage around in your pockets. You can snap your ST 100 and ST 500 gloves on them using the press stud to keep them handy at all times.

A bit more about these shorts...

To help you get the most out of your rides, these shorts are made from 2 fabrics: a stretch fabric to follow your every move and a durable fabric to prevent snags and tears. They are also lightweight and breathable for better moisture management.
And to let you move around freely, the waist is elasticated so that it fits you nicely.
The shape is designed to avoid the crotch getting caught on the front and back of the saddle.

All you need, in your pocket!

To have everything you need when you head out for a ride, these shorts have clever pockets:
- At the back there's a zip-up pocket for things like keys, credit cards, etc.
- There's a zip-up waterproof pocket on the back of the thigh that's easy to access (even with one hand) and positioned to protect your phone from falls.
- There are three places along your thigh for storing cereal bars: simply push down to get them out.

Shorts, undershorts, pad? Here are our tips!

Your ST 500 shorts come with removable undershorts so you can change undershorts without changing everything. And of course, your undershorts act as underwear!
When you buy them, the shorts and undershorts are attached. But before you set off on a ride, remember to detach them!
Why? Because each has their own role to play:
- The undershorts stay tight against your skin for comfort and support.
- The shorts let you move around as you ride.

Product tests

Our team of product designers based at the B'Twin Village in Lille is continuously working to make cycling more comfortable for our users.
Our obsession is to create products that meet the specific cycling needs of our users and eliminate things that get in the way of their rides.