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  1. $15.00
    Price $11.00

    Men's Hiking boots - NH100

  2. $79.00
    Price $75.00

    2 person pop-up tent - 2 Seconds

Best Hiking &Trekking Shop in Cambodia

Get high quality Hiking &Trekking at unbeatable prices online only at Decathlon Cambodia. With a wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of products, you can easily find the right items that best suit your usage preferences and needs.

Why buy Hiking &Trekking from Decathlon?

Quality at unmatched prices

At Decathlon, we are sports enthusiasts ourselves and know exactly what to look out for in a high quality sports gear, equipment, apparel or accessory. Our vast supply chain allows us to source and curate only products that pass our stringent quality controls for your optimal comfort and usage experience, at prices you couldn't get anywhere else.

delivery for your purchase

When you make an online purchase, enjoy islandwide delivery of your purchase right to your home absolutely ! What's more, you can even have your order delivered within 2 hours! There's no better ease and convenience to buy Hiking &Trekking online from the comfort of your home than at Decathlon online sports store.

Awesome returns &exchange perks

As a Decathlon Member, you can get a refund or exchange of your purchase with no time limit, so you can shop and buy from our online store with absolute peace of mind. Membership is so hesitate no more; sign up for a Decathlon Membership now and become part of the Decathlon family today!

Hiking Shoes, Boots and Trekking Equipment Online in Cambodia

Decathlon Cambodia is your one stop outdoor shop that has a wide range of affordable yet durable hiking and trekking equipment! Our products are tested and designed to withstand all types of weather conditions when you engage in outdoor adventures from occasional nature hikes to intense mountain treks.

Where To Buy Quality Hiking &Trekking Shoes

Our wide collection of hiking and trekking shoes caters to all preferences of hikers out there. Low cut, high cut, waterproof, lightweight - we have it all! Plus, you'll never find other footwear with the same great quality at an affordable price elsewhere. Our CrossContact soles offers great grip and traction with the terrain to prevent any slips or falls. You can trust your shoes to take you all the way to the summit!

The anatomic design of our footwear puts both comfort and durability as the top priorities. Your feet will be protected well without any sacrifice on comfort. The cushioning also adds to the wonderful feeling of lacing up in Decathlon shoes. To add, our rigorous product testing promises high quality items.

Battle Humidity (or the cold) With Our Hiking Apparel

Cambodia's weather can be rather unforgiving and exercise can be torture. However, our hiking and trekking clothes is designed to combat the heat and humidity, especially during your nature walks &treks in Cambodia. We have breathable t-shirts, shorts and trousers which evaporate sweat efficiently. From head to toe, we have your entire hiking outfit and attire covered! However, if you're planning a climb in cooler conditions, we also have the right set of apparel to keep you warm and dry. Most importantly, we have quality base layers that will keep you warm as you reach higher altitudes. Add on our down jackets and gloves for a comfortable hike in colder environments.

Tips &Tricks for Your Climb

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned hiker, or if you have just started on your hiking journey. We have hiking gears for you no matter your level of expertise. If you need some inspiration on where to go for your next hike or expedition, We aim to make sports accessible to the many, and this includes offering hiking gears and trekking equipment of various levels and prices! Come down to our stores to take a closer look or to try our products! If you prefer, you can order online now and collect for in 2 hours!

What footwear to wear for hiking?

Footwear is the most essential accessory on a hike. If its a hot weather and the duration of hike is less, choose a sandal with correct grip based on the terrain. If the duration is longer, check if you need waterproofing, cold protection, ankle support and the weight of the shoe. Quechua has segregated the hiking shoes based on terrain, which are nature, mountain and snow.

Can you run in hiking shoes?

Running as an exercise needs flexibility and better grips on hiking trails. We have a specific shoe for such an exercise, which is called Fast Hiking. The fast hiking shoe, ensures better fit, grip and flexibility.

Where to buy Hiking; Trekking in Cambodia?

Buy Hiking; Trekking and related products right here online at Decathlon, the largest retailer in Cambodia for all your sports equipment needs!