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In addition to offering you technical sports products, our design teams are committed to ensuring that by 2026, 100% of our products will be made more environmentally friendly.

WHAT IS Ecodi?

Eco-design integrates the environmental impact of a product from the initial design concept, taking into consideration the whole lifecycle of the product.

Integrating environmental impact means producing goods with minimized environmental impact starting from the design process.

A product that is designed (or redesigned) with this approach fulfills the same qualities of use while providing benefits to the environment.

At the house of DECATHLON, our procedures of ecodesign aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We will do this in two ways

1. Using materials from
more sustainable sources

 The Recycled Polyester 

By recycling plastic or textile bottles to make our own polyester fiber, we reduce the use of petroleum resources.

 Recycled PLASTIC

While ensuring the quality and resistance of our products, the use of recycled plastic allows us to reduce the use of raw materials derived from petroleum.


Organic farming methods preserve biodiversity, soil fertility and reduce the risk of groundwater pollution associated with conventional cotton growing.

 The Recycled COTTON

To create our yarn we integrate virgin cotton fibres with recycled cotton, from industrial scraps or end-of-life textiles. This method thus reduces the impact linked to the cultivation of new cotton fibres.

2. By using a manufacturing process that have less impact on the planet


To reduce the use of water when dyeing our fabrics, we choose yarn called "Dope Dyed". It is a process of integrating the colour pigments during the manufacture of the thread.


Dyeing textiles requires the use of a lot of water. To reduce our consumption, we use two different coils, one dyed and the other not. We call it two-tone.

 Eco-design products on website 

To find a product designed with an eco-design process on our site, look for the product with the Eco-Design sticker on the top.

Our mission is to "sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sports accessible to the many."

This is why at Decathlon, we have committed to conceiving our products with the eco-design approach. We have around 400 eco-design products are available in our stores and online. This is only a small part of our global product catalog. That’s why, in line with the challenges of climate change and the depletion of natural resources, our team aims by 2021, to have 100% of new products to be eco-designed and by 2026? To have all products eco-designed!