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  1. Price $8.50

    Camping tripod

  2. Price $11.00

    Pack of 6 Tent Pegs

  3. $15.00
    Price $12.00

    Foldable Camping Seat - Blue

  4. $24.00
    Price $16.00


  5. $20.00
    Price $16.00


  6. $24.00
    Price $21.00

    Camping Folding Armchair - Basic

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Get high-quality Camping gear at unbeatable prices online only at Decathlon Cambodia. With a wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of outdoor products, you can easily find the right items that best suit your usage preferences and needs.

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Camping Tents, Sleeping Bags; Camping Gear Online in Phnom Penh

Discover camping at Decathlon Cambodia! We are your one-stop camping shop offering all kinds of camping equipment that you will need for your camping trip! No matter If you are new to camping or an avid camper looking for tents, camping cart and other outdoor gears, we have it all!

Affordable Tents; Camping Equipment Phnom Penh

We pride ourselves on providing the most value for money with our sports products, and this holds true for our camping gear too! Wherever you plan on camping, be it in Phnom Penh or overseas, picking the right tent is very important. Firstly, make sure you pick a tent with the right size to fit the right number of people! We carry tents of different sizes to cater to the number of individuals in camping group. Be sure not to mix shelters and tents up - shelters are used in day camps while tents are used for overnight camps. In addition, our tents and shelters are easily assembled and dismantled, even for first-timers! This saves time and adds convenience to your adventure. More adventurous campers will be happy to know that our tents can withstand harsh winds and weather. Don't be too worried about your tent flying off in the middle of the night or when it rains.

Bags, Accessories; More!

Apart from tents, we also have other quality products - sleeping bags, camping bags, mess tins, and more! Our sleeping bags have all the features you want and need! They are lightweight, portable, and warm - we have indicators for you to understand which sleeping bag is suitable under which temperature! From regular sleeping bags to mummy-shaped sleeping bags, our wide selection of sleeping bags will keep you warm at any temperature at your camping ground! Some are also water-repellent to keep you dry. Our sturdy camping bags are ideal to keep food and other essential belongings as you venture out to your camping spot. For example, other items you can keep in our bags are foldable camping chairs, mess tins, and more.

Where to buy camping stuff in Phnom Penh?

Buy camping equipment from Decathlon Cambodia. You can buy camping tents, foldable chairs, hammocks, and more with us. To guarantee a good night's sleep, option for our wide collection of sleeping equipment from compact pillows, and camping beds to sleeping bags! You can also shop for camping utensils and a mess tin if you plan to camp overnight.

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Buy Camping gear and related products right here online at Decathlon, the largest retailer in Phnom Penh for all your sports equipment needs!