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Gift Card

Decathlon Gift Card for your loved ones


how it works?

1. How do I purchase a Decathlon Gift Card?

You can purchase a Decathlon Gift Card at any of our stores in Cambodia.

2. Can the Decathlon Gift Card be used online?

No, The Gift Card cannot be used online at the moment..

3. Can I Choose the value of the Decathlon Gift Card I want to purchase?

Yes, you may choose a value between 5 USD - 150 USD.

4. Are there any fees associated with the Decathlon Gift Card?

No, you will only be charged for the value in the Decathlon Gift Card.

5. Can I change the value of the Decathlon Gift Card after purchasing it?

No, the value of the Gift Card cannot be changed after purchasing it.

6. How will returns on items be handled?

If you would like to return an item purchased with a Decathlon Gift Card, your refund will be credited to another Decathlon Gift Card..

7. Where can the Decathlon Gift Card be used?

It can be used in the country of purchase. If you bought the card in Cambodia’s Decathlon Stores, you can only use it in Cambodia.

8. When does the Decathlon Gift Card expire?

The Gift Card expires 2 year from the date of activation.

9. Can I make partial redemptions?

Yes, you may select how much you wish to pay with your Decathlon Gift Card, and pay the remaining with another payment option.

10. What if I lose the Decathlon Gift Card?

Unfortunately, we will not replace or reimburse the value of the Gift Card if it is lost, stolen or damaged..

terms and conditions

* The Decathlon Gift Card is a gift voucher that allows the recipients to pay in Decathlon Cambodia, so your beloved one can enjoy shopping their sporty gift as they wants any day at Decathlon Cambodia with a valid of 2 years.

1. The use of this Decathlon Gift Card constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions

2. This gift card can only be used to make purchases in Decathlon stores in Cambodia

3. This gift card remains valid for 2 year from the date of activation.

4.This gift card cannot be exchanged for cash and no change will be given for purchase(s) made with this gift card.

5. Decathlon will not replace or reimburse the value of this gift card if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or if its validity period expires.

6. Payment can be made once or more until the gift card value has been completely used, or until the card reaches the end of its validity period.

7. If the value of the purchase exceeds the available bank on the gift card, you can make up the difference with another form of payment.

8. The card balance and the validity date can be checked at the welcome desk of any of our stores.

for more information please contact

Phone: 096 4 777 519

Email: [email protected]