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  • Squash Racket Set Wallbreaker 165 Club (2 Rackets/1 Red Dot Ball)
Squash Racket Set Wallbreaker 165 Club (2 Rackets/1 Red Dot Ball)

Squash Racket Set Wallbreaker 165 Club (2 Rackets/1 Red Dot Ball)

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  • Squash Racket Set Wallbreaker 165 Club (2 Rackets/1 Red Dot Ball)
Squash Racket Set Wallbreaker 165 Club (2 Rackets/1 Red Dot Ball)

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beginner or occasional squash players. This set is ready for use and includes 2 squash rackets and one red dot ball.

This set of squash rackets is perfect for learning squash as a pair. This ready to use set includes 2 rackets, a red dot ball, and a carry case—perfect for use with family or friends.

Racket frame: 100.0% Aluminium; Protection cover: 50.0% Polyester, 50.0% Polystyrene; Racket string: 100.0% Polyamide; Shaft: 100.0% Polyurethane; Bumper grommet: 100.0% Polyamide; Shell: 100.0% Latex Rubber; Grip: 100.0% Polyurethane; Racket top cap: 100.0% Polyamide; Racket end cap: 100.0% Polyamide


Easy transport

The set comes with a bag that makes it easy to carry the rackets and ball with you.


This racket's high inertia delivers more powerful strokes


Its large head (467cm²) reduces centring errors and improves your shots.

Vibration dampening

The anti-vibration system in the core of the racket reduces vibrations.

Impact protection

This backpack will protect your entire racket.


The 10L single-compartment bag can hold a lot of things.

Carrying comfort

1 adjustable handle



2 Wallbreaker 165 rackets
1 SB560 Red Dot ball
1 carry bag

Easy to transport

A carry case makes it easy to carry your 2 rackets and ball with you. A handle allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder for easy transport.

Wallbreaker 165 racket Technology: 6061 aluminium

This racket is made from aluminium 6061 and is perfectly suited to beginner players. The aluminium makes this racket very solid, and nearly unbreakable. It is therefore resistant to impacts against walls.

Wallbreaker 165 racket Technology: PU GRIP

The elastomeric polyurethane material offers the best balance of grip and absorption for an enhanced feel.

Wallbreaker 165 racket Technology: Antivib Inside

The anti-vibration system built into the core of the racket reduces vibrations. Made of elastomeric material, this flexible piece dampens vibrations, providing occasional and beginner players with more comfortable play.

Wallbreaker 165 racket Frame weight = 165 g

With a 165 g frame weight (unstrung, without bumpers or grip), this racket provides excellent power so that you can push your opponent to the back of the court.

The racket's features are helpful for beginner squash players.

Wallbreaker 165 racket Balance = 325 mm (unstrung)

The 325 mm grip-biased balance also provides excellent manoeuvrability.

Wallbreaker 165 racket Head size = 467 cm²

The 467 cm² head size lets you get away with slightly off-centre shots.

Wallbreaker 165 racket String pattern = 14 x 19

The open string pattern has been designed to give beginner players power and forgiveness.


This bag is made from flexible mesh that you can see through to check that you've got all your squash kit. It's also big enough to carry a towel or water bottle.
With an adjustable strap, this bag is easy to carry

SB560 Red Dot Ball Features

Its medium bounce and speed are perfect for intermediate players wanting to improve.The natural rubber makes it very robust.Weight: 24 g
Diameter: 40 mm


Like with any squash ball, you'll need to warm it up to get the most out of it.
It's easy to do this: simply stand near the T and hit the ball against the wall a few times. After a dozen impacts, you'll feel the ball warm up. When it's properly warm, you can start playing on the rest of the court and enjoy a great match.


Heat and cold have a significant impact on your ball's performance. When it's cold, balls will take longer to warm up and won't bounce as high, no matter the type of ball. Don't be surprised - just use a blue or red ball when it's very cold. On the other hand, the warmer it is, the more your ball will bounce. Counter this effect by using a ball that doesn't bounce as high, such as a yellow dot or double yellow dot.


New squash balls have a matte, rough appearance. Your ball will wear out at a different rate depending on your court, your strings and how you hit it. Once you can see a lot of marks or scratches on your ball, or when it starts looking shiny, it's time to change it. You can still use it, but it will be very slippy. It will slip on the floor or walls and end up splitting.
Change it before that happens!


Need advice or info?
Visit our squash support website.