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  • Rugby Lineout Supports R500 - Black
  • Rugby Lineout Supports R500 - Black
Rugby Lineout Supports R500 - Black

Rugby Lineout Supports R500 - Black

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  • Rugby Lineout Supports R500 - Black
  • Rugby Lineout Supports R500 - Black
Rugby Lineout Supports R500 - Black

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Our team of rugby fans has developed these lineout supports for lifting players jumping to catch a lineout. They avoid having to use lifting tape.

These lineout supports offer effective support to jumping players. Players in the lineout can improve their height and reaction time.

Main fabric: 3.0% Elastane, 59.0% Polyamide, 13.0% Polyester, 25.0% Elastodiene; Padding: 10.0% Polyurethane, 90.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


Ease of use

The product slips on over the foot. Wide foam blocks to grasp.

User comfort

Comfy, elasticated knit to fit your thigh.


The silicone straps and compressive construction offer good hold.


Size guide in cm for the thigh circumference.

The measurement should be taken just above the knee.

S2 43 > 47 cm
S3 47 > 50 cm
S4 50 > 54 cm
S5 54 > 58 cm

English version
S2 16.9 > 18.5 inches
S3 18.5 > 19.7 inches
S4 19.7 > 21.2 inches
S5 21.2 > 22.8 inches

Lineout supports: say goodbye to taping?

To support the jumpers in lineouts, the "lifters" place their hands on the lower thighs at the front and under the buttock crease at the back. With this support, the jumper makes it easier for his team-mates to grip and hold him, enabling them to propel him more effectively and keep him in the air for longer.
Thanks to its design, the accessory doesn't slip easily and stays in place during lineouts and running phases. No more jumper straps for matches.

A product that grows with your feedback.

Based on feedback from users and customers, we have changed the foam block zones compared with the old model. They are now incorporated into the knit, improving the product's resistance.

CE marking

The CE marking (in force since 1993) is the main indicator that the product complies with EU legislation and allows free movement within the European market