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  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
500 Boxing Pad - Black

500 Boxing Pad - Black

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  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
  • 500 Boxing Pad - Black
500 Boxing Pad - Black

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Boxers (kickboxing, Muay Thai, K1) wanting to work on improving the power and precision of their hand, foot and knee combination strikes. Sold individually.

Want to push yourself to the next level while staying safe? Check out our boxing pad designed with 6 foam densities for optimal shock absorption.

Foam: 30.0% Cotton, 70.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate; Main fabric: 100.0% Polyurethane; Back fabric: 35.0% Polyamide, 65.0% Polyurethane; Buckles: 100.0% Polyoxymethylene



Absorption of hits on both sides of the pad with a 6-density foam.

Abrasion resistance

Your pad is more resistant to wear thanks to a PU cover on the strike zone.


Two rip-tab straps and a handle ensure the pad stays in place securely.

Ergonomic grip

Its curved shape provides greater accuracy and comfort.



Are you the one holding the punch pad in training? We've got you covered! The back of the pad is covered in synthetic suede for added comfort and to prevent the pad from shifting. The two hand straps are lined with a foam layer to reduce friction on the forearm. As for the handle, it is made without stitches to get in the way as you hold the pad.


The pad is slightly curved to better absorb the energy of blows as well as offer a surface suited to kicks. The target in the centre of the pad helps improve your accuracy as you work on your striking power. Lastly, do you breathe out when you hit? This pad does too. It has two rivet holes that expel air at the moment of impact.

Robustness and comfort: our pad's design.

This pad is designed to last you a long time. Its PU cover on the impact zone is resistant to friction and impacts, and the wrist is fastened with rivets. The pad's foam is made up of multiple layers to combine comfort and precision. The outer flexible layers protect from shocks, while the inner denser layers absorb energy.

The story of this pad

From the beginning, we wanted a pad that was just as good for coaches as for the boxers themselves. Starting in February 2018, our 4-person product design team began to think about prototypes, hold discussions with our suppliers, identify the needs of sports users, and come up with new designs. This was followed by in-house tests with 20 boxers and Robustness tests in sports clubs. This is why we are proud to introduce a product that is reliable, comfortable, and looks great!


Height: 36 cm
Width: 22 cm
Thickness: 7 cm
Weight (1 unit): 600 g