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  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR

Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR

Tax included
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
  • Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR
Connected Heart Rate Wristband ONCOACH 900 HR

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We have designed this connected wristband for runners looking to measure their heart rate on their wrist and measure their daily and running distance.

Do you run for your well-being and/or to lose weight? Measure your heart rate at the wrist to avoid getting out of breath and optimise your calorie expenditure.

Lens: 100.0% Polymethyl Methacrylate; Strap: 100.0% Silicone; Inside room: 100.0% PCBA; Buckles: 100.0% Steel; Main part: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


Parameter measurement

Heart rate, step count, distance (walking, running), calories.


HR effort zones (Warm-up, Comfort, Endurance, Resistance)


Wireless syncing with the DECATHLON CONNECT application (iOS and Android)


Screen always active and visible during exercise and in direct sunlight


4 full days with monitoring of daily activity and sleep.


5 ATM, suitable for swimming



Easily measure your running sessions!

When running, swipe the touchscreen of your ONcoach 900 HR wristband to switch between readings:
- Stopwatch
- Distance covered (in km or miles)
- Current speed (in km/h, mph, min/km or min/mile)
- Average speed (in km/h, mph, min/km or min/mile)
- Step count
- Calories expended
- Pulse (in bpm)
- HR zone (warm-up, comfort, endurance, resistance)


Are you often out of breath at the end of a run? The Decathlon ONCOACH 900 HR gives you the information you need to adjust your speed in real time and avoid pushing yourself too hard. The wristband measures your heart rate and calculates the intensity of your effort. In the 'comfort' zone, you should be able to speak while running. In the 'endurance' zone, your effort will be more intense, but you shouldn't get out of breath. In the 'resistance' zone, you will quickly get out of breath.


Do you run to stay in shape? The "comfort" zone is particularly useful because it allows you to burn more fat and avoid getting out of breath. In fact, in this zone, your body is not under stress. It has time to burn fat properly to turn it into energy for your muscles.

Measure your daily activities

Every day, the ONcoach 900 HR measures the following:
- Number of steps
- Distance (in km or miles)
- Calories
- Active time
View this information at any time on the touchscreen. If you want more details, just open the DECATHLON CONNECT app.
Every day, the heart rate gives you an accurate idea of the effect your everyday activities are having on your calorie expenditure.

And what about wanting to go even further?

The main view (watch view) displays your daily activity gauge. It fills up throughout the day according to your level of activity.
The objective set by default corresponds to the World Health Organisation recommendations, i.e. 30 minutes of physical activity every day for periods of at least 10 minutes. You can also set your own objective based on a number of steps, calories or distance covered.

All your activities count!

The ONcoach 900 HR connected wristband automatically detects when you are walking, running or cycling during the day. On the DECATHLON CONNECT app, each moment you spend walking, running or cycling, is displayed on your daily graph.

Understand your nights in order to improve your days!

The ONcoach 900 HR measures the time you spend in each of the different sleeping phases: light or deep sleep or awake. By analysing your movements, the ONcoach 900 HR can identify the difference between these 3 phases. The measurement of your sleep patterns automatically switches on without you having to do anything. You will find out if the changes that you make to your lifestyle (sports activity, nutrition, etc.) improve the quality of your sleep.

Always visible!

The screen is always active and is still visible in direct sunlight. You can see the time and data about your session at a glance without pressing any buttons. At night, the screen backlighting switches on every time you make a movement.

Simplified navigation!

The ONcoach 900 HR is equipped with a touchscreen for ease of use and navigating between the different views.

It is also a connected watch!

- Time & date display: 3 settings to choose from: urban, sport and analogue.
- Wake alarm
- Phone notifications display (only for iOS)

Follow your progress on the DECATHLON CONNECT application.

Check out the details of your sport sessions, everyday activity and sleep on the free DECATHLON CONNECT application where you can view your progress day after day:
- List of all your sport sessions
- Speed & heart rate graph
- Daily activity graph with the step count per hour
- Details of every night with the periods of light and deep sleep.
- Total distance covered and calories expended per week and per month.

Automatic wireless syncing!

The ONcoach 900 HR is equipped with Bluetooth technology, which means you can automatically synchronise your data on your phone as soon as you open the DECATHLON CONNECT app (available on Android 5 and iOS 10).

How is my distance covered calculated?

The ONcoach 900 HR connected wristband detects your every stride using a 3D accelerometer. The distance covered is estimated at every stride according to your height, running pace and wrist movement. If you notice a difference with a route you are familiar with, you can specify the actual distance. The watch will refine its calculation each time afterwards to give you greater precision.

Wrist heart rate: How does it work?

When you practise sports, your heart beats faster. The flow of blood through your vessels increases. The green light under the wristband is what enables the ONcoach to measure the blood flowing under your skin, which is what is used to obtain your heart rate. This technology is totally built into the wristband: Leave your heart-rate monitor belt at home!

Wrist heart rate: PHILIPS TECHNOLOGY

The heart rate measurement on the wrist is a huge technological advance making heart rate watches simpler and more comfortable. For more than two years now, our Research & Development teams have been testing different options for measuring heart rate on the wrist.
We have chosen to use the latest Philips optical heart rate technology so we could offer one of the most reliable sensors on the market.


Your exercise zones (warm-up, comfort, endurance, resistance and hard resistance) are automatically calculated depending on your maximum heart rate, which is estimated by the watch according to your age and sex:
Warm-up: 50% to 60% of your MHR
Comfort (also called fundamental endurance): 60% to 70% of your MHR
Endurance: 70% to 80% of your MHR
Resistance: 80 % to 90 % of your MHR
Resistance: 90% to 100% of your MHR

How should you wear the ONcoach 900 HR?

In order to measure the heart rate properly, the ONcoach 900 HR must be worn on the wrist behind the bone that protrudes on your wrist.
The sensor must be in contact with the skin, so the bracelet should be tightened slightly, without making it uncomfortable. Your optical heart-rate monitor will not perform as effectively if the watch is too loose.

Is the optical heart-rate monitor of the ONcoach 900 HR suitable for every sport?

The heart-rate sensor technology of the ONcoach 900 HR is most efficient for sports involving repetitive movements such as running, walking or cycling.
For sports involving unsynchronised movements like fitness sports, weight training, racket sports and team sports, you may observe errors in the readings.

Does the optical heart rate monitor of the ONcoach 900 HR work on all types of skin?

The technology of the heart rate sensor of the ONcoach 900 HR is designed for all skin colours and every level of hairiness. On dark or tattooed skins, less light is reflected by the skin. In this case, the sensor adjusts by increasing the brightness of the emitted light or by adjusting the sensitivity of the light sensor. However, if you have any problems, please send an email to our team at [email protected]

Is your phone compatible?

In order to satisfy as many people as possible, we dedicated a team to ensuring that our application is compatible with as many phones as possible. You will understand that they have a lot of work :-) We developed this little tool for checking whether your phone is compatible: https://decathlon.ttpx.fr/?lang=fr

Battery life & charging

The ONcoach 900 HR has a battery life of approximately 4 days. It can be charged using the USB cable supplied.

Guarantee & after-sales service

DECATHLON products come with a 2-year warranty. If you have any questions, go to our support website support.geonaute.com . Here, you'll find tips on how to use your product properly: instructions, user FAQs and video tutorials. In order to give you the best possible support, the help team is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.