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  • Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue
  • Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue
  • Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue
Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue

Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue

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  • Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue
  • Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue
  • Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue
Push-Up Bar Grips 500 - Blue

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Want to do push-ups without "breaking" your wrists? These ergonomic push-up bar grips are made for you! Maximise your performance without pain.

Our compact push-up grips are easy to store. Their non-slip feet mean they don't slide and remain very stable, even during your most intense workouts.

Frame: 15.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene, 85.0% Polypropylene



These grips protect your wrists when performing press-ups


These grips don't slip around on flooring such as tiles or wood.

Compact design

These grips are stackable for efficient, space-saving storage.

Ergonomic grip

These grips have been redesigned to better reflect the shape of your hand.


Push-up bar grip dimensions

Product (one grip):
- Length: 19 cm
- Width: 11 cm
- Height: 7 cm

Sold in pairs.

Maximum supported weight:
- 110 kg total, distributing the weight between two grips.

Why use push-up grips?

These push-up bar grips were designed by our team of users to support the wrists and be more comfortable and cleaner than direct contact with the ground.
If you're just starting out, these grips will reduce the risk of injury.
If you are used to doing push-ups, these grips will help you increase your range of motion, since your hands are raised. Stay reasonable to avoid injury.

What are the secrets of these push-up grips?

- These push-up bar grips are made from 42% plastic materials.
- The grip shape has been redesigned for increased comfort.
- They grip well on the ground to prevent slipping during use.
- They are easy to store, since they can be stacked!

Want to spice up your workout? Accessorise your grips!

Are push-ups now no big deal for you? You can use a weighted gilet (0-5 kg ref: 8736051 or 6-10 kg ref: 8734579) for a greater challenge.
Or use weight training bands (ref: 8484819, 8484820, 8484821), to add resistance to each push-up.
Basically, don't worry - as long as you keep improving, we'll keep helping you out!

Exercise and workout ideas from our coaches 1/2

Not sure where to start, or how to maintain the right posture? Our design team has developed a coaching service to help guide you. Check out the link below for various exercises you can do with our Push-Up Bar Grips.


Exercise and workout ideas from our coaches 2/2

Working the pecs, shoulders, and triceps with dumbbells, in parallel with push-ups, will help you improve faster.
Here is a workout that combines the two:
- Push-ups: 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps (with elastic band or weighted gilet to add difficulty if needed)
- Military press with dumbbells 3x12
- Triceps extension with dumbbells 3x12
Remember to always keep a 2-3 rep margin at the end of your set.