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  • Maxi Stacker Storage Container
  • Maxi Stacker Storage Container
Maxi Stacker Storage Container

Maxi Stacker Storage Container

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  • Maxi Stacker Storage Container
  • Maxi Stacker Storage Container
Maxi Stacker Storage Container

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We designed this Maxi stacker for easily transporting your supplements. Use it alone or screwed together with other stackers underneath your shaker!

a complete range of stackers, or storage containers, that screw onto the bottom of your shaker in just 2 seconds Available in 3 sizes, pick your favourite

Bottle body: 100.0% Polyester; Lid: 100.0% Polypropylene


Easy transport

Easily slips into your bag

Ease of use

Every stacker can be used alone or screwed to other stackers underneath the shaker

Easy opening / closing

Each stacker has a lid that easily screws on for a better seal


Design story

To round off our range of 300, 500 and 700 ml shakers, our design team worked to create storage and transport solutions for your supplements:

- large container (+/-50 g) for carrying powder or dried fruit
- pill organizer container (+/-30 g) for carrying all your capsules (Removable separator)
- funnel container (+/-30g) for easily pouring your powder into a bottle * sold separately

Shaker and stacker compatibility

Our stackers range can be screwed on underneath our 300 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml shakers

Each stacker can also be screwed onto other stackers


This container can hold +/- 50 g of powder, depending on its density.

Usage Tips

Rinse/wash 3 times before using.
To extend the lifetime of your stackers, wash and rinse all pieces separately after each use.We recommend washing your stacker immediately after consuming your supplements.
This stacker is machine washable to a max temperature of 65°C

Complies with standards

Our stacker range complies with all current European regulations.


This stacker range is not designed to
- be microwaved
- be refrigerated
- store liquids

Dimensions and weight of the MAXI STACKER

Height: 7.65 cm
Max diameter: 7.9 cm
empty weight: 70 g