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  • Weight Training Curl Bar 1.20 m 28 mm
  • Weight Training Curl Bar 1.20 m 28 mm
Weight Training Curl Bar 1.20 m 28 mm

Weight Training Curl Bar 1.20 m 28 mm

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  • Weight Training Curl Bar 1.20 m 28 mm
  • Weight Training Curl Bar 1.20 m 28 mm
Weight Training Curl Bar 1.20 m 28 mm

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The shape of this bar allows you to isolate the biceps and triceps to work them with precision. Durable, it withstands up to a 160 kg load.

Its knurled handles give this curl bar a good grip. Train and build muscle safely! Compatible with all 28 mm weight disc plates.

Bar: 100.0% Steel



Steel bar.
Maximum load: 160 kg


Knurled handles for better grip.

Muscular workout

Isolate your biceps.


Dimensions of the weight training curl bar

- Length: 1.20 m
- Diameter: 28 mm
- Weight: 6 kg
- Max load: 160 kg
- Load length: 17 cm per side
- Inner length: 84 cm

Why use a curl bar?

The waves (or z) on this curl bar allow for a grip that engages the biceps and triceps and relieves strain on the wrists and forearms. You'll build new muscle fibres by varying your exercises compared to a normal flat bar.

What weights can you use with this curl bar?

All 28 mm weight training discs are compatible with this curl bar:
Cast iron weights:
- 0.5 to 20 kg
Rubber coated weights:
- 1.25 kg (ref: 8388222)
- 2.5 kg (ref: 8388695)
- 5 kg (ref: 8388696)
- 10 kg (ref: 8388223)
- 20 kg (ref: 8388237)
It is essential to secure your weights with disc collars such as the 28 mm Smart Disc Collar (ref: 8574652), maximum load 15 kg when vertical

Store your curl bar correctly to keep it for longer!

Your curl bar is made of steel, so moisture is its enemy. Be sure to wipe off the bar with a damp cloth after your workout.
Then store it in a dry place (such as a garage).
To store it easily with your weights, we've created a storage rack (ref: 8788246) and most of our weight training racks have a bar support.

Our coach recommends exercises to do with the curl bar

Muscle-building exercises with the curl bar:
- Biceps: standing curl, 4 sets of 8-12 reps
- Triceps: forehead with bar: 4 sets of 8-12 reps

Start each exercise with the minimum number of reps, always allowing a possibility of doing 2 additional reps at the end of each set. Then, increase by one rep each week until you reach the maximum. You can then increase the load and decrease the number of reps.