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  • Romane 100 Women's Maternity Swimsuit 1-piece - Black Coral
Romane 100 Women's Maternity Swimsuit 1-piece - Black Coral

Romane 100 Women's Maternity Swimsuit 1-piece - Black Coral

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  • Romane 100 Women's Maternity Swimsuit 1-piece - Black Coral
Romane 100 Women's Maternity Swimsuit 1-piece - Black Coral

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Our design teams have developed this 1-piece swimsuit for the future mother who wants to continue swimming during pregnancy.

Do you want to swim during your pregnancy? This 1-piece swimsuit will grow with you thanks to the space around the belly and is guaranteed to be easy to put on with its U-shaped back.

Main fabric: 20.0% Elastane, 80.0% Polyamide; Lining: 100.0% Polyamide; Filling: 100.0% Polyester; Yoke: 18.0% Elastane, 82.0% Polyester


Chlorine resistance

Up to 100 hours of use: recommended for occasional use.

Easy dressing

Easy to put on thanks to wide straps and U-shaped scoop back.

Anatomic design

Comfortable seams, suitable for 9 months of pregnancy.


Your activities

Swimming for beginners: beginner swimmers who are starting to swim and need ease and comfort. Above all, she is looking for a water-based physical activity for its well-being and health benefits. For her, NABAIJI offers a wide range of swimwear that allow her to swim with products suited to swimming, but that also meet anatomical requirements.


U-shaped back: a swimming swimsuit should focus above all on comfort, to allow you to perform your movements with ease, without discomfort or pain. That is why it is important to choose the shape of the back of your swimsuit carefully. A U-shaped back makes it easy to put on and avoids tan lines on your back if you swim outdoors.


Material: 80% polyamide / 20% elastane. Chlorinated water can be harmful to swimsuits which are used repeatedly in the swimming pool. The elastane fibre that gives the material its stretch property and therefore makes it comfortable, is also very fragile when in contact with chlorine. If you swim occasionally this material will be fine for you. If you swim regularly or intensively, opt for a 100% polyester material.

Use restriction

Not recommended for use on slides.

Why doesn’t my swimsuit have a hygienic sticker?

As of 2022, all women’s swimwear designed at Decathlon are made without plastic stickers. If all the stickers were in a line, that would make 940km of plastic saved every year!
Let’s make this responsibility a common commitment by making sure to keep one’s underwear on when one goes in the fitting room.