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  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath Surface Mask Acoustic Valve - 540 Speckled green
Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black

Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black

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  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black
  • Adult Easybreath Surface Mask Acoustic Valve - 540 Speckled green
Adult Easybreath dive Mask - 900 - Black

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The Adult’s Easybreath dive Mask - 900 allows you to equalise your ears and therefore be able to explore a few metres underwater.

The soft nose part of the Easybreath Adult - 900 mask allows you to explore to a depth of 3 metres the underwater world.

Skirt: 100.0% Silicone; Lens for diving: 10.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene, 90.0% Polycarbonate; Tube for diving: 100.0% Polycarbonate; Frame for skiing: 100.0% Polypropylene



Soft nose to equalise the ears and freedive down to 3 metres

Easy breathing

Full mask with natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth.

Field of vision

Panoramic field of vision, 180 ° effect.


Exclusive air circulation technology preventing the mask from fogging up


The "dry-top" snorkel limits water entry through the top of the snorkel.

Water drainage

Purge valve at the bottom of the mask to drain water when the head is raised.

Anatomic design

2 mask sizes with a silicone face skirt for comfort and a watertight seal.



Check your Easybreath mask before use

Before each use, check your Easybreath and, in particular, your child's Easybreath.
- Grasp the snorkel in your hand and move it from left to right. The ball bearing should follow the movement without restriction.
- Check that the seal is present and in the correct position
- Check that all of the valves are present, and that they're free of deformation and are flush against their support
- The skirt should perfectly fit to the mask
- Never use the mask without the snorkel

What if my mask is fogging up?

If it fogs up over your eyes, we recommend repeating the 4 steps set out above, properly repositioning your Easybreath mask, and checking that the size of your Easybreath is correctly fitted to your face. If the issue continues, do not use the mask and contact your closest Decathlon store.

Snorkelling safety

Snorkelling is an easy and fun activity for all the family! Breathing through a snorkel is more physically demanding than regular swimming. If you feel tired, short of breath or dizzy, remove your mask and get out of the water.
Do not use this product if you have cardiovascular or respiratory problems (lung infection, angina, asthma, hypertension, heart disease, etc.). If in doubt, consult your doctor.

What is the Easybreath Adult Dive Mask - 900?

The Decathlon Easybreath 900 mask shares the same features as the Easybreath 500 (anti-fog, panoramic field of view, easy donning, dry-top snorkelling), but the major difference is this new snorkelling mask offers something new: nose-access. The soft part around the nose allows you to equalise your ears and dive down without the risk of damaging your eardrums.
The full power of the Easybreath concept with the ability to go down!

Why does this Easybreath mask have a soft nose?

Despite its low volume, when swimming underwater and freediving (to a depth of up to 3 metres), the pressure around you increases. This is what causes discomfort in the ears. The easiest way to compensate for this is to pinch your nose and blow gently to send air into your ears.
The pressure can also press the mask against your face. To relieve any discomfort, exhaling through your nose or mouth is the easiest way to reposition the mask.

How does the Easybreath work?

The fresh air is projected onto the glass before reaching the nose or mouth via the nasal valves. The constant supply of fresh air reduces the amount of fogging up in the mask.
The air packed with moisture and CO² is evacuated through channels located inside the mask's rim, which leads this air into the snorkel. The air is constantly renewed. The flow of air going in and out are separated to avoid mixing in polluted air and allowing you to breathe fresh air.

How does the Dry-Top system stop water from entering?

The mask uses Dry-top technology. This system was developed to stop water from getting into the snorkel when there is choppy water, small waves on the surface, in case of submersion or when the user leans their head too far forward to observe the seabed. The snorkel is fitted with a float that rises to close the opening when the snorkel is submerged. When this happens, remember to take the snorkel out of the water and blow into the mask to make sure the buoy comes back down.

Why is the Easybreath mask not made for diving?

The choice of the Decathlon snorkel mask (Easybreath) should be made if the user is mainly looking for high breathing comfort and a wide field of vision.
The design of the Decathlon Easybreath mask makes it ideal for people who are mainly observing from the surface and want to do some shallow freediving.

Which Easybreath 900 size is right for you?

The Easybreath Adult Dive Mask - 900 comes in 2 sizes and covers 90% of an adult's face.
From 10-year-old and for small faces, opt for size S/M and for bigger faces: size M/L.
To choose the right size when in the store, tighten the mask so that it fits against your face: there should be no gap between your chin and the bottom of the mask.

Can I wear the Easybreath 900 if I have a beard?

Beard hair prevents good contact between the facial skin and the skirt of the mask. The seal of this full face mask cannot therefore be guaranteed for beard wearers. To guarantee a watertight seal, it is best to shave. Alternatively, using a thick balm such as Vaseline can also be a solution.

Can I wear glasses with my Easybreath mask?

Most spectacle frames will prevent the mask from sealing properly by distorting the mask skirt. It is also complicated to use the Easybreath mask with glasses.

What precautions should I take with my Easybreath 900 mask?

Pay attention to sand! Avoid letting your full-face snorkelling Easybreath 900 mask come into contact with sand as this can scratch the lens of the mask. If sand is present, do not use force to clip the snorkel into place. Rinse the snorkel and mask before connecting them. Sand can also clog the float valve inside the snorkel. Rinse the snorkel vigorously or use a key that you can fit through the rear vents of the snorkel to unblock the float valve, then rinse the snorkel.

Can my Easybreath 900 mask be repaired if it breaks?

YES, you can extend the lifespan of your Decathlon snorkelling mask! After-sales service is available from the Workshop in your Decathlon store. The changeable parts (strap, cover, snorkel, valves) are all available online or in store.
strap - 8316952, valve - 8363399, snorkel - 8577515, white cover - 8520085.

Dimensions of the disassembled mask

Height: 29 cm.
Width: 18 cm.
Thickness: 12 cm.


While ensuring the products’ quality and strength when in use, using recycled plastics (strapping, chin cover, valve) helps us to diminish the draining of resources thanks to recycling products at the end of their lifespan (Recycled plastics represent 29% of the product's weight).


Dyeing textiles requires a lot of water and discharges wastewater from dye baths. To reduce this environmental impact, we have carried out two actions:
We only use yarn dyed in mass for the mask strap (which represent 5% of the product weight)
For the bag, we chose the dope-dyed technique, whereby the colour pigments are integrated into the yarn when it is produced (3% of the product weight).