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  • Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy
  • Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy
  • Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy
Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy

Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy

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  • Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy
  • Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy
  • Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy
Pilates Resistance Band 3 kg - Burgundy

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Whether for strength training, Pilates, or rehabilitation, this band (3 kg resistance) will help with your workout routine. Available in 2 and 4 kg.

Work out or stretch all your muscle groups with help from this band. You can easily bring it with you everywhere, so you'll never miss your daily workout.

Elastic band: 100.0% Synthetic Rubber



An accessory to do various standing or seated exercises for a full-body workout!

Compact design

Lightweight, easy to store and carry: take it anywhere.


Why choose our 3 kg Pilates resistance band?

Using our Pilates band propels your sessions towards more targeted and intense experiences. This essential accessory increases the effectiveness of your workout tenfold by strengthening each movement. Placed under the feet or held in the hands, it ensures optimal alignment of the spine and increased stability. With our 3 kg band, you're guaranteed constant progress in your Pilates practice!

What does the resistance of a Pilates band correspond to?

The resistance of a Pilates band can be compared to a weight you'd have to lift to stretch it. As the resistance increases, so does your challenge. Choose a lower resistance for stretching and a higher one for strengthening.

We've improved this Pilates resistance band thanks to you!

We're constantly looking for ways to improve, even once our products are on the market. Your feedback and observations in the gym have led us to adjust the length of this resistance band.It now measures 1.90 m: 20 cm longer than before. Its width (7.6 cm) and thickness (0.55 mm) remain unchanged. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this development, and thank you sincerely for your valuable input!

Correctly using this Pilates band

To get the most out of this Pilates band, look for the white centre line. It will ensure you're in the right position every time you use it. We recommend that you use two different resistances: one for warming up and one for more intense sessions.If you wear shoes, choose textile bands to avoid damage.

What can you work on with a 3 kg Pilates band?

The 3 kg Pilates band is our intermediate resistance level. It lets you progress gently by adding difficulty to the exercises usually performed with the 2 kg band. It's suitable for precision exercises and allows you to use smaller muscles such as the arms more, while improving flexibility. If you want to concentrate your efforts on strengthening your muscles, switch to the 4 kg band.

Caring for this Pilates band

To make your band last longer, we recommend that you:

- Clean it gently with a damp cloth and lukewarm water after every workout;
- Occasionally apply a little talcum powder;
- Store it in a dark place, away from heat and ideally at a temperature below 30°C;
- Avoid leaving it in your car. Temperature variations could damage it.


2 years


Resistance band 100% synthetic rubber