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  • Pilates 4 kg Resistance Band - Black
  • Pilates 4 kg Resistance Band - Black
  • Cast Iron Weight Training Disc Weight - 20 kg 28 mm
Pilates 4 kg Resistance Band - Black

Pilates 4 kg Resistance Band - Black

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  • Pilates 4 kg Resistance Band - Black
  • Pilates 4 kg Resistance Band - Black
  • Cast Iron Weight Training Disc Weight - 20 kg 28 mm
Pilates 4 kg Resistance Band - Black

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This 4 kg resistance band can be used for Pilates or stretching exercises! It comes in 2 kg and 3 kg of resistance.

This resistance band fits easily inside your sports bag so that you can strengthen all of your muscles wherever you may be. It's also recommended for doing physio exercises.

Elastic band: 100.0% Synthetic Rubber



Just 1 accessory for working on many muscle groups.

Compact design

Lightweight and practical, a toning accessory that can be stored anywhere!


Why choose our 4 kg Pilates resistance band?

Try our Pilates band and transform your workouts into targeted, full-body experiences. In fact, this band is the most resistant in our range and the best option for strength training. Whether you put it under your feet or hold it in your hands, this band can help align and stabilize your spine while also making exercises more effective.

Pilates band resistance

The resistance of a Pilates band is equivalent to the weight you lift when stretching it. The greater the resistance, the harder you have to pull. The result: you can increase the intensity of muscle toning exercises.

We've improved this Pilates resistance band thanks to you!

We never stop improving our products, even after they've already hit the shelves. After listening to your feedback and observing how it was used in the gym, we decided to adjust the length of this resistance band. It now measures 1.90 m long: 20 cm longer than the previous version. It is still 7.6 cm wide and 0.55 mm thick.
We're excited to see what you think of this update and we thank you for your incredibly valuable input!

Correctly using this Pilates band

To get the most out of your Pilates band, use the central white line as a reference point to ensure perfect positioning every time. We recommend using two different resistances: one for warming up and another for more intensive training. If you exercise in shoes, opt for more durable fabric bands.

Training with the 4 kg Pilates band

4 kg is the highest resistance in Pilates. That's why this band is best suited for strength training. With it, you can train your arms, glutes, shoulders, abs, back and even chest.

Caring for this Pilates band

To increase the lifespan of your band, we recommend:

- Gently washing it with warm water and a damp cloth after every workout;
- Occasionally apply a bit of talcum powder;
- Store it in a dark spot, away from heat sources and ideally at temperatures lower than 30 °C.
- Avoid leaving it in your car. Extreme temperature changes can cause damage.


2 years


100% synthetic rubber elastic band